Detlev op Zondag
24 November 14:30-18:30
Barth Kapel, Den Haag.

Detlev maakt van de Barth Kapel een warm bad met muziek uit alle windstreken, scones, cocktails en ontspannen genot. Mmmmmm!

  • Robert Rook
  • Rugile
  • Trigg & Gusset
  • Ti-an-guis
  • Aurelio Project

Who is Detlev?

Maximizing the pleasure of great music. The Detlev crowds are presented to young, older, talented, undiscovered and established musicians.

Detlev Spinell, the artist, is foreign (from Lemberg in modern-day Poland), effeminate and lacks facial hair. A snob, he is misanthropic and anti-social, except when the sight of something beautiful causes him to fall into ecstasies. He is only staying in the sanatorium because he likes the decor. His manners are affected; he has written one short book full of lingering descriptions of elegant interiors; he writes a great many letters but he hardly receives any. Spinell claims that he is ‘working’ but the narrator calls this a 'dubious activity' ('zweifelhafte Tätigkeit').

Robert Rook & Rugile

Robert Rook was born in 1966 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. His first band experience on the piano was when he was 10 years old. At eleven he did his first radio performance where he played Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo a la Turk. His first classical music radio performance was at sixteen in the Spiegelzaal of the Concertgebouw for the radio program Für Elise, where he played a Rachmaninov piece next to Crystal Silence from Chick Corea.

Trigg & Gusset

In 2012 Trigg & Gusset started creating music together. Inspired by artists like Bohren und der Club of Gore, Lars Horntveth & Miles Davis, Bart Knol (Trigg) created a basis of slow grooves with a combination of electronica, piano and rhodes. Erik van Geer (Gusset) added mostly improvised melodies using tenor- saxophone and bass-clarinet. These dark atmospheres with lyrical improvisation resulted in a collection of fine tracks and an album called Legacy of the Witty, released on Krakow-based label, Preserved Sound in 2013.


ti-an-guis uses folk music from the four corners of the world to create it’s own musical expression. The members of the group are experienced musicians from different musical backgrounds such as classical and contemporary music, Jazz and Brazilian music. The approach of the group is to play traditional music but not in a traditional way. Although each song leads to a research on the key elements of the music being performed, ti-an-guis adds and mixes musical elements of folk music from other countries creating a musical and multicultural melting pot.

Aurelio Project

What started out as a duo project of guitarist Vuma Levin (Johannesburg) and bassist Lito Mabjaia (Enschede) has grown out to a four-man formation. With drummer Yordi Petit and pianist Tijn Wybenga the band has become a young energetic band that seeks for tension and resolution, dissonance and consonance, the past and the future. The repertoire consists only of their own compositions and is a mixture of a variety of genres. Strong influences are Latin and Afrojazz, but also western classical music. An experience that you cannot miss!